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Our System:

Many standard publishers require large investments ($15,000 - $40,000) at some stage in the pre-release
process from all but the most established authors. They then proceed to pay authors 5-15% of the price of every book sold.
This does not leave the publisher with 80-90% of the money, as there are printing, distribution costs, and assorted
marketing fees. However, there is still a substantial percentage that is used to pay the massive infrastructure and overhead
fees that the larger companies have, which translates into less and less money being spent on the author's book, or going
into the author's pocket.

Kingdom Rule Publishing is a tiered publishing company. We offer a range of services and levels of involvement and
commitment. We provide full publishing services similar to that of a larger publishing company. However we also provide
assisted self-publishing services. If you would like to self-publish, but you want a professional cover design and layout,
we can help you. If you already have a cover and layout, but you would like marketing, a website and distribution, we can
help you. No matter what stage of the process you are in, Kingdom Rule Publishing can help you make your project a
beautiful and professional product that can compete with anything else in the marketplace.


Our Services:

We highly recommend that any authors who have published before contact our office directly for rate quotes and specifics
relevant to whichever stage of the process you are in. If you have never published before go through the information
on our getting started page
, and listen to the informational download.

Once you have gone through the information on the getting started page, contact us. An agent can explain any questions
you may have on the following information.

The simplest form of publishing a new book is with a package. WIth one of the following packages, Kingdom Rule can
begin the process of taking you from aspiring author to best-selling author. Each service is broken down and explained
in detail below.


  Services Chart   Initial Basic Publishing Partner Career Launch Best-Seller Best-Seller
    Add-on Price Consultation Package Package Package Package Partner Package
    Getting Started   $199 $1,999 $3,999 $4,999 $9,999 $8,500
  Publishing Review - Processes and Expectations
  Concept Analysis
  Marketing Analysis
  Core Target Audience Identification
  Creating a Marketing Budget
  Creating a Marketing Timeline
  Previous Cover Analysis
  Manuscript Editorial Evaluation
  Official Copyright Registration
    Publishing Services
  Custom Cover Design
  Custom Cover Painted Image
      optional optional optional
  Title Registration
  Editing Services (by Manuscript Word Count)
  Regular Copyediting
  $200 Allowance Included $500 Allowance Included
  Heavy Copyediting
  Developmental Editing (heavy with rewriting)
  Typesetting / Layout
  Complex Interior Layout
  Interior Images - Textbooks / Nonfiction*
$12 ea
      $300 allowance Included $500 allowance Included $500 allowance Included
  Illustration for Children's Books
      $1000 Allowance included
  Print-On-Demand Service Setup
  Posting to Amazon & Our Website
  Author Copies from First Printing
  20 100 200 500 500
  Nonexclusive Contract
  agreement agreement
  Author Royalties on Copies We Sell (on profit)
  60% 20% 60% 60% 20%
  Author Royalties on Copies You Sell
  100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
    Marketing Services
  10 Copies sent to potential leads
  Phone Coaching (5 hours)
  Marketing Campaign Design
  Press Release (writing and distribution*)
  Summary/Synopsis Writing
  Bio Editing/Creation
  Professional Image Development
  Photo Session (Eastern Virginia only)
  Sell Sheets / Postcards
  Book Signing Poster (3'x4')
  Bookmarks (100 bookmarks)
  Business Cards (1000 cards)
  Stationary design (letterhead, envelopes)
  Press Kit*** (press release, book summary, bookmark design, postcard Ad design, poster design for booksignings (customized letterhead add $49)
  Internet Domain Name
  Author Website
  Eblast design
  Video Trailer Production Level 1
  Video Trailer Production Level 2
  Blog Tour (We will post info on your book on 20 relevant blogs)
  Precious Memories Author of the Month
  Advertisement on Our Website
  Book Review (We send it to 10 potential reviewers)
  Networking Services
  Submission to Social Networks
  Access to Our Distribution Chain
  Book Conference Information (book fairs,   booksellers, reporting bookstores, signings)
  Activity Tracking Sheet
  Corporate Endorsement Pursuit
  Application for Book Awards
  Continuing Marketing Efforts****
$199 $1,999 $3,499 $4,999 $9,999 $7,500
      - - -
  - Discounts


Each of the following services are also available individually for those who are at different stages in the publishing process.


Basic Publishing

This service generates an ISBN for the work. The work is either posted on CafePress.com with Print-on-Demand services or on Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.com for bookseller-assisted author to customer sale. At least fifty (50) books are printed and
distributed in the following manner:

  1. The Author receives twenty-five (25) copies
  2. The Publisher holds ten (10) copies for marketing and sale suggestion purposes
  3. Fifteen (15) copies are sent out, seeded into potential markets or local stores.

On-Demand printing services are set up, allowing the publisher to fill orders taken online.

* This price may vary if the page count is considerably above average or specifics of printing produce greater printing costs.


Custom Cover Design

Kingdom Rule Publishing will create a professional custom design cover for the work. [This may exceed the proposed
amount if the Author requests specialty images that require additional costs to obtain.]


Editorial Services

Our editorial staff will examine the Work for grammatical and spelling errors. The work will be typeset for print.


Editorial Evaluation

Our expert editors will analyze the author's work for larger factors including: flow, style issues, consistency, character
and plot development, and sales & marketability suggestions.


Retail Distribution $600 - $30,000

Retail Distribution is currently available on a local and regional level. The price varies based upon the number and
type of stores sought, and market requirements.


Cooperative Advertising *special*

Kingdom Rule will generate advertising material from posters, ads and shelf displays to radio or television commercials.


Author Web Page Design

Kingdom Rule will design and build a personal web page for the author. It will have 4-6 pages and will contain additional
information about the Work, and a personal online store for publisher or author sales of the work.


Enhanced Marketing Programs *special*

Kingdom Rule has various methods for spreading the name and work of the author out among the work's target audience
and the general public. When an author chooses this service, it puts the full weight of Kingdom Rule's sister company
CFI Marketing behind the project. Research is done on the most effective methods of dissemination for that type of work,
and actions are taken to spread the name of the author and fame of the work.

Authors who purchase a Plus Package receive Editorial Services for free:



Kingdom Rule Publishing is a subsidiary of Consuming Fire Incorporated. Images and text are copywritten and property of Consuming Fire Inc.