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The Power of Love & Forgiveness

Author: Tiffaney M. Cuffie-Salaam
Publisher: Kingdom Rule Publishing
ISBN: 978-1532980282
Page Count: 128
Genre: Spiritual Growth
Retail Price: $15.00 - paperback
Author Website: www.kingdomrule.com/titles.html
Released: April 30, 2016


The Power to Change Your Life is Closer than You Think!

In this book, Tiffaney Salaam shares her testimony of betrayal, rejection and abuse, and the profound tools the Lord gave her to overcome that pain. Pain is a reality we all have to face in one way or another. However, there are tools and principles that will not only help us heal, but that will empower us to change our own lives and the lives of those around us. Learn how to overcome pain and embrace the true power available to create the life you want beyond the scars.

Author Bio:

TIFFANEY M. CUFFEE-SALAAM is a psalmist, playwright, teacher, licensed cosmetologist and a preacher of GOD'S word. She has served in ministry for many years. She works and serves to see people healed from the pain of abuse and free to live healthy purposeful lives.

There is a Word From the Lord
31 Days of Encouragement

Author: Prophetess Stephanie Moore
Publisher: Kingdom Rule Publishing
ISBN: 978-1481959384
Page Count: 192
Genre: Christian Living
Retail Price: $15.00 - paperback
Author Website: www.kingdomrule.com/titles.html
Released: November 15, 2013


God loves us so much more than we realize. And He wants our lives to be blessed, rich and fulfilling. He has much to tell us and teach us to ensure that, if we have an ear to hear Him. But sometimes even when we don't hear, in His astounding grace, He sends someone to give us those tips and pointers and wisdom that can get us through and lead us into a better and more satisfying life. In this book, Prophetess Stephanie Moore is simply a willing vessel able to share the Word of the Lord with us as she took dictation, and her experiences as she came to know this loving, faithful God.

Author Bio:

Prophetess Stephanie Moore received the prophetic gift after Evangelist Deborah Thomas prayed for her over 30 years ago during a New Years revival in 1978. That night Prophetess Moore was graced with a "triple anointing", and the Lord began speaking clearly to her and His power began working radically in her. Since that time she has faithfully ministered to God's people in all stations and walks of life, and seen His miraculous works follow her simple and humble faith. Prophetess Moore recently retired from the Hampton City School system, where she served for 22 years. She is currently a member of Sixth Street Baptist Church in Suffolk, Virginia under the eadership of Pastor John A. Moore, III. She is the proud mother of daughter Darlisha R. Moore, and son, Pastor John A. Moore, III, and his wife Kenya, and the grandmother of Amorae and Assani. More than anything else, she writes about her amazing experiences with God in hope of inspiring others to listen and obey Him.




Life & Love: The Journey In Verse

Author: Pat C.
Price: $14.00
Page Count:124


"Life and Love - The Journey in Verse speaks from the heart of the author as she revisits, observes and fantasizes the beauty of love. It immediately becomes apparent that the reader will be personally escorted by verse to observe and to understand the language that only love speaks. The couplets and the tone capture the beauty of the soul, the mindset and compatible lives being joined together in unity by the power of love. The mood has been meticulously established for reading. I was captivated." - Dr. Claudia Wells Hamilton Secondary School Principal.

Author Bio:

Pat C. was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She is the eldest child of Julius William Garrett, Sr. and the late Eva Printess Fisher-Garrett. Pat C. (a.k.a. Patsy, Patricia Cecelia Garrett) is a mother, grandmother, poet, trainer, a certified life coach and now author. Pat C. processes a natural gift for coaching and encourages all to live and love to the fullest.





Beat the Devil Runnin'
Iko J. Blackmon
B-220 - $14.99

Beat the Devil Runnin'

Beat the Devil Runnin' takes a profound look at submission to God and attaining the victory He offers us through the life and testimony of Iko Blackmon, and a number of other mighty women of God. Reading these pages, you will laugh. You will cry. You will take an honest look at yourself, and you will find the encouragement and power you need to overcome all that has come against you, and truly Beat the Devil Runnin'!





Using the Keys to the
Kingdom of Heaven

Bishop Albert Evans, Jr.
B-214 - $19.99

Walk in Your Full Authority!

In the midst of economic uncertainties and worldly chaos, God is yet calling His people to come into His presence to receive strength to endure hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ. Even in the darkest of times God has promised us the that glory of the latter house shall be greater than that of the former. And as such, we have begun to witness a great outpouring of His spirit and manifestation of His glory across the land and abroad. This is the hour of the Church of the Living God to arise and shine; for our light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon us!
According to Deuteronomy 11:21, the Lord actually wants the days
of His chosen people to be "as the days of Heaven upon the Earth". But how can these things be? The answer lies in the fact that our Lord Jesus has given us the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. But what are the Keys to the Kingdom? This book presents seven revelatory keys that will give you access to the promises, the powe and the mysteries of the Lord. Throughout the pages, you will find many practical, scriptural ways of releasing the Kingdom of Heaven in the Earth.

The Broken Relationship Destroying
America And How To Turn The Tide

Renaldo S. Turner
B-212 - $14.99

A Powerful Testimony. A Timely Message.
A Call to Action.

Statistics tell us that in America, more than 24 million children are currently growing up without their fathers. The number has been increasing for decades. But what does that mean? What effect is it having on us as individuals, and what effect is it having on society at large?

In this book, Pastor Renaldo Turner addresses no only the scope of this great pandemic, but how we can begin to tackle the problem. Using his own extraordinary testimony and surprising candor, he speaks to fathers and sons about the true nature of a father. He discusses the treasures of the father-son connection and urges men to improve and restore their relationships with their children.

More than 85% of prison inmates grew up without a father in the home. When you
purchase a copy of Fatherless, another copy is printed and donated to a man in prison. Help us stop the cycle of broken homes, purchase a copy today.



Renewing Your Mind:
The Key to Undeniable Success

Henry T. Wells
B-211 - $12.99

The life you have now is a direct result of what you
have been thinking. If you are not happy with its
present condition, you can access the power to
change it. The first step is to Renew Your Mind.

In this book, Pastor Henry T. Wells shares the
principles that helped him institute the changes
in his own mind that led to a harvest of success.
Purchase your copy today and let this revelation
do the same for you.



The Ministry of Defense:
Executive Protection for the Ministry

Pablo Birriel
B-210 - $14.99

The Ministry of Defense is a practical thorough guide to security in the house of God. Current affairs show an increase of violence against churches and men and women of God. This book will show any security operative how to effectively protect his or her ministry, members and leaders from an extensive list of attacks and events from fire and medical emergencies to armed attackers and explosives.




The Power of Leadership: The Heartbeat
of God

Dr. Mickey K. Collins
B-101 - $16.99

The Power of Leadership: The Heartbeat of God
explores the biblical model for leadership that God
has instituted. It offers a practical hands-on approach
to leadership at all levels, and it directs us toward the
true measure of Leadership God desires us to walk
in that He might release to us greater levels of
advancement and increase.



The Power of Leadership: The Heartbeat
of God Workbook

Dr. Mickey K. Collins
B-102 - $19.99

This companion to Dr. Collins' The Power of Leadership: The Heartbeat of God offers practical methods of application for Leaders at every level. Dr. Collins' vast experience is focused into a number of direct methods and day to day practices that give true proven results in terms of leader development and team building.



Coming Soon...

Creating Balance in Your Life
Linda Pate
B-140 - $16.99

In the busy fast paced atmosphere of our current
society, all of us struggle to manage our time and handle the various aspects of our lives. In this book, Linda Pate covers a number of invaluable principles on time management and creating balance that will help anyone bring things into proper alignment and achieve greater success in each area of their lives.



Creating Balance in Your Life Workbook
Linda Pate
B-141 - $19.99

This workbook makes an excellent addition to Linda Pate's Creating Balance in Your Life. It shows you step by step how to apply each of the principles Pate discusses in her priceless book.





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