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Where to Start?

Kingdom Rule is committed to helping new authors, or those experienced authors who want a larger percentage of the
price of their book sales or who just want to make a change, get their ideas and messages into the hands of the people.
We love taking new and better ideas to the public. However, having a great idea, and getting someone to purchase the
right to hear or read your great idea are two totally different things.

Whether you just have an idea for a book, or whether you've already finished writing your masterpiece, we advise that
you listen to the recording linked below. It offers some great advice on ways to proceed, and some solid foundation
about the publishing and bookselling business.

The following webcast was recorded in January. It is a conversation between The Talking Book Show's host, bookstore
owner Linda Pate, and Renee Bobb, a literacy coach who consults people on getting published and self-publishing. The
webcast addresses a number of vitally important factors to launching a book successfully. If you are new to publishing,
we strongly advise you listen to it before proceeding.

Please note that Renee Bobb is an objective aid, and completely independent of Kingdom Rule publishing.


Once you've listened to the recording, or if you have already published before, please folow this link to see our
publishing system or submission guidelines. Then please contact our office by email or phone (757-265-4554) and
one of our representatives would be happy to talk to you.



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